Northern Arizona: Native American Skateboard Deck Art

Exhibition at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff

From October 13, 2018 until March 31, 2019 the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff shows a unparalleled exhibition, that unites traditional Native American culture and modern graphic and streetart.

photo: Museum of Northern Arizona. Pivot: Skateboard Deck Art

The idea of the two curators Duane Koyawena (Hopi) and Landis Bahe (Navajo): 32 Native American artist all over the southwest get the same canvas, a blank skateboard deck to decorate with their art. The artists belong to different tribes of the  Zuni, Hopi, Navajo, Comanche, O’odham and Latinx.

They use the traditional powerful motifs used in their ancient baskets, pottery and weaved rugs and convey the symbols into a modern language of street art and graphic design. The techniques and styles vary from tribe to tribe and give also an overview of contemporary Native American art.

By bringing these artists together, it celebrates the commonalities and differenes among the tribes as well.

“We are losing our culture”

Bahe says: „We’re in a moment we’re again losing our culture, but there’s a subculture… You’re going to see something very contemporary and very old school.“ Pivot connects the old with the new and gives a young generation access to their own beautiful culture.

Museum of Northern Arizona’s new exhibition: Pivot: Skateboard Deck Art
photo: Fan of Arizona @fanofnmtn

Flagstaff: A place for fusion and cultural exchange

The Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff that was founded in 1928 as a place to save the heritage and the beauty of the culture of the Colorado Plateau, is functioning also a place of contact between the different tribes. Especially the Navajo and Hopi come from their nearby reservations to Flagstaff for education, work and supplies. It is so a important place for exchange.

The visitor is invited to get a glimpse of traditonal and contemporary Native American art. Most of the artworks will be available for sale. More information and opening times you can find here.

List of participating artists:

Abel Nash (Hopi; Polacca, AZ), Antoinette Thompson (Navajo; Lukachuakai, AZ), Antone Chee, Bahe Whitethorne Sr., Buddy Tubinaghtewa, Duane Koyawena, Landis Bahe, Garrett Etsitty, Al Bahe, Kandis M. Quam, Mavasta Honyouti, Emmett Navakuku, Dwayne Manuel, Felicia Gabaldon, Jeremy Singer, Jerrel Singer, Jodie Herrera, Elroy Natachu, Keith Smith, Michelle Lowden, Nate Begay, Leandra Yazzie, Marla Allison, Mavasta Honyouti, Nick Lawrence, Ryan Gashweseoma, Ryan Singer, Steve Nelson, Thomas Marcus and Sky Black.

photo: Fan of Arizona @fanofnmtn
photo: Fan of Arizona @fanofnmtn
photo: Fan of Arizona @fanofnmtn
photo: Fan of Arizona @fanofnmtn