Evolution. © Nancy Wood

Fluid Microcosm – Art by Nancy Wood

The London-born artist Nancy Wood creates unique, colorful worlds in her pictures. Microcosms that are reminiscent of organic structures, plant tissues and distant planets.

 For a large part of her artistic life, the creative artist experimented with the behavior and the different viscosity of colors. She was inspired by Paul Jenkins and the fluid works of art by Holten Rower. Liquid acrylic paint becomes a living vehicle for color pigments and produces fantastic results in the process.

Avalanche. © Nancy Wood Avalanche. © Nancy WoodBarely there © Nancy Wood Barely there © Nancy WoodEruption. © Nancy Wood Eruption. © Nancy WoodEarth riches. © Nancy Wood Earth riches. © Nancy WoodFallen angel. © Nancy Wood Fallen angel. © Nancy WoodHubble Bubble Toil and Trouble. © Nancy Wood Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble. © Nancy Wood

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